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Brandon Lane Surgery





Hearing Loop

We have a portable hearing loop system in order to improve the sound quality for anyone who uses a hearing aid. Please set your hearing aid to the T setting and ask the receptionist to turn the loop on. The loop can be used at reception and during a consultation with the doctor.

New Patients

We can only accept new patients who live in our practice area.  You can register by completing registration form GSM1 and our Information Questionnaire, obtained from the practice and also available for download from this site (see below). When you register, we will ask you to make an appointment to see either the practice nurse (assistant practitioner / healthcare assistant) for a new patient health check. This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure / smear tests / mammograms) are up-to-date.

New Patient Registration Forms for Downloading:

Instructions on what to do with the registration form

Please bring the completed forms along to reception with your medical card if you have it. The information on the medical card will speed up the process of getting your records from your previous practice. Once you have been accepted as a patient your medical records will be transferred to us and a new medical card will be sent to your home address. You do not need to inform your existing practice that you are moving, although it may be courteous to do so.

You will be registered with the Practice as a whole and will be assigned to one of the Doctors.  When making an appointment you may request a consultation with the Doctor of your choice.


The practice respects the privacy and dignity of all patients. The doctor, nurse or you as the patient may request a chaperone to be present during some examinations.

Temporary Residents

We are always happy to see any relatives or friends staying with you if they need a Doctor or Nurse. They will need to fill out a short form for the information to be returned to their own Doctor. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow time for completion of the necessary forms.